“Il Giardino degli Specchi” is an Ambient / Post-Rock band based in Rome, Italy.

Valerio Marcellino and Marco Andrea Lippa started the project in 2015 as an ambient duo, creating soundscapes with guitars, synths and voices.

In 2016 the line up was integrated with Marco Gianfranceschi (bass) and Chiara Bellucco (drums), making the overall sound to steer towards a more post-rock oriented style

In June 2017, the band released a digital EP, available on the principal online stores and streaming platform.

In September 2017, the single “Sasha Grey” was chosen to be included in the OST for “Serendip – The Movie”.

In 2018 the band is going to release the first full-length album, entitled “Oltremare”.

Il Giardino degli Specchi has a wide range of sounds spacing from ambient music to heavier wall of sounds.